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I’m living in Germany. My time at school haven’t been the best but I’m sure most of what had happened helped me to become a working piece of society. That’s what school should make sure about but right now I’m sure it’s not the case anymore.

Politicians introduced and started G8 in a haphazard manner. The goal of this system has been the standardization of the years in school until the higher education entrance qualification. They didn’t listen to any teachers regarding this topic and parents in different parts of Germany are on strike. Of course you’ll ask why they are doing this, since it’s a standardization that should be something one could handle.

I’ve to admit it is partially right. If Germany has been able to copy a whole working education system that wouldn’t be a problem. Many things have changed in the past 10 years. I graduated with my higher education entrance qualification 2004. During my school time I witnessed more than 3 changes in school matters. All of them haven’t been as driving in as G8. A whole year needed to be cut so schools were in need of a new curricula. Even before the curricular has been finished and things were clear to what happened to those who failed to pass to senior classes G8 started. Books haven’t been printed yet, nothing was secured but it started anyways. In combination with the standardization of the A levels test, another invention of German politicians, a lot of dissatisfied and concerned parents are trying to reverse that decision.

The mentioned standardization in the A levels test would become a success if German politicians would focus to find some common ground on which to base. After that I’m sure it works perfectly well. But instead of making things better politicians are decreasing the standards rather than increasing them. My next point is an example of blandishing. They call it “Bildungsstandard” in English it would be “Education Standard”. For me standard is a level of quality or attainment. In regards of education I’d think of a minimum quality and attainment in each subject. If you agree with me, then I’m very sorry to disappoint you. It is not a minimum that students need to pass. Why call it a standard then? Good question. Next question.

So after these two points I’d like to tell you what I would change. I would scratch that G8 and focus on a curriculum for the students. I would spend more money in school and school matters –  after thinking through a plan and talking to at least a group of teachers in reviewing sessions.


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  1. Very interesting post. “The goal of this system has been the standardization of the years in school until the higher education entrance qualification.” My question is, do we need standardisation? I believe that we should stop investing more money in ameliorating the school system, but rather, think of a new school system, because our school systems are still based off of the Enlightenment’s educational structure, and we simply need a new system that is compatible with these modern technological times.
    Thank you for sharing this! It made me think.
    If you want, check out my post about education:

    • By standardization they try to make the efforts comparable. They teach you the same things to see if you are smart enough to ask the intelligent question or if you are a tagalong (in the better case – worse would be below average). If you want to change the system be prepared to change a lot more but don’t start to THINK what should also be changed START to change.
      I agree with you. We have to stop investing money into the old system. We need to invest in a plan and then we need to invest much more to execute the plan.
      Thanks for reading and I hope you’ll come back again once in a while 🙂

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