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I’m Joy and I love mangas and animes. Ever since I started to watch animes I would think of other storylines for the lovely characters but I’m not very talented in writing so I just started to read fanfictions. After some time / some hundreds of fanfictions I started to bother the writers if they could write fanfictions for me. Well, there where some very nice writers who were willing to help but still it’s not the solution to my problem.

Now after some thousands of fanfictions I’m willed to start baby steps in writing; Drabbles! 100 words short story. Please read and review my drabbles in “Summer Kisses & Winter Tears”. If I can improve my writing within 100 drabbles I’ll try to move forward to a real fanfiction with chapters and a long storyline.

In “Recommendations” you’ll find a lot of wonderful fanfictions I’ve read. Even though they have perfected their art, please, leave a comment since it is always a pleasure to actually find somebody’s approval.

Please enjoy the stories and don’t sue!

“A Post A Day” is hopefully edited every day 🙂 Find out what I’ve to say to The Daily Post topics.

Contact me via comment option or “En Joy Fanfiction at gmx dot net”.


I do not, in any way, profit from the stories and all creative rights to the characters belong to their original creators.



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