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1.57 AM. They said you didn’t make it.

2.48 AM. I’m sitting in our bathroom, oblivious to what happened but I couldn’t care any less. The only thing I know – needed to know: You aren’t here anymore.

Ignorance is bliss whereas knowledge hurts. It hurts so much to even think of a life without you. So I stopped to think.

Hands reached out. Through my fingertips I felt the familiar cold.

The tip danced along my skin, leaving a crimson trail. The point of no return has been reached when the blade sunk into my throat.


A/N: Even though it’s a sad story and no names were mentioned let me tell you there is a follow-up drabble to this. Fandom I’ve thought of was Weißkreuz and the characters involved – well, find out in the follow-up “Because you loved me”.


I do not, in any way, profit from the stories and all creative rights to the characters belong to their original creators.


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