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He was laughing with his family, taking photos with them, celebrating the beginning of a joyful life.

And I? I didn’t feel any of this. I felt like an intruder but that was not the only thing, there was something else.

I couldn’t bear sitting among them anymore. I was sure, even if they wouldn’t notice, he would.

Absorbed in my thoughts I didn’t even notice him.

“Stay and find out.”

I just shook my head no and stood.

“Come back when you are ready, Heero.”

I didn’t look back but I felt him watching me. He knew I would come.

A/N: I tried very hard to lighten up this story and I hope you can see an improvement. Heero will come back and I’m sure you know to whom 🙂 Okay, it’s not the usual pairing, but I hope you like it too.


I do not, in any way, profit from the stories and all creative rights to the characters belong to their original creators.


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